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T109 foldable electric scooter

1. Tire siz:11 inch Off-road tires
2. Motor power:6000W dual motor
3. Battery capacity:60V 23Ah/28Ah/33Ah/43Ah/48Ah
4. maximum load:400KG
5. Max speed:85 KM/H
6. Road haul:80-100KM
7. Drive mode: dual-motor 2*3000W drive
8. Break method: Front and rear oil brake + EBAS electronic brake
9. Suspension: Front and rear hydronic shock suspension
10. Display: Cruise at a fixed speed, 3-speed transmission Speed battery
11. Net weight: 45KG
12. Vehicle Weigh:50KG
13. Packing size:153*34*64cm
14. Frame material: aluminum alloy
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